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What Secrets Will I Learn Inside?

Secret #1: Most people who claim to be perfectionists are merely just disguising their avoidance as perfectionism. Here we provide a neat solution for those wishing to indulge in their perfectionist tendencies without losing out on efficiency.

Secret #2: Recent studies have found across the board that today's Fortune 500 organizations strictly live by the exact same formula created by a largely unknown European Economist. This mysterious ever-present truth of the world applies outside of economics and business. Indeed, it can be found almost everywhere and serves as a ghostly reminder of how the world is an inherently inefficient place.

Secret #3: It is incredible how much more productively the human brain can work once you create the right conditions for it - the right conditions being the minimum conditions. Here we include a simple practical technique that allows you to trick your brain into immediately recreating these conditions when it suits you.

Secret #4: In this day and age of instant technology, we are bombarded with constant stimulation that leaves us finding it increasingly difficult to put our full attention on that one thing we need to do. Here, we shatter conventional wisdom by exposing the biggest productivity myth that's unknowingly causing so many people to drastically limit their productivity potential.

Secret #5: By allowing yourself to be sidetracked and put off by passing ‘critical' jobs, you can mess up the goals you've set yourself and will become disillusioned at your progress. Here you will learn how to proactively assess which tasks you need to do and which you need to eliminate the temptation of doing so that you never get distracted from the important goals you've set yourself.

Secret #6: The secrets outsourcers use to delegate unskilled but time-consuming work to international virtual assistants for next to nothing - allowing them to keep focused on the cutting edge of their career - not the slow and profitless bits.

A Word of Warning...

Do not think that because this manual is free, or short, that it's not worth applying these powerful concepts. It was originally 120 pages long, but over the course of several months the principles have been stripped down again and again and again so that it only contains the core fundamentals that yield the biggest results.

My friends and family were shocked that I had decided to give this away for free, after they had seen me spending close to six months working on it. They told me I was mad. But if it can help just one person learn one thing in their business and/or life, the time spent writing it will have been completely worth it.

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