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Our founder Hashim was inspired to build Smart Lifestyle Design (SLD) by his own deep passion to maximise his potential in all areas of his life, but in his journey found himself frustrated by the vacuous nature of all the personal and lifestyle development resources available online.

With content ranging from "Lose 20lbs of fat in 30 days... without dieting or exercising!" to "in just 2 weeks, single mum makes 500 dollars a day working from home". He felt they underestimated the attention span and intelligence of their readers. There was a recurring theme of searching for some kind of magic pill - all coming with a product or idea to make you temporarily feel more enhanced.

With an inflexible and unyielding demand for truth, he decided to team up with a group of especially handpicked expert writers, chosen for their authentic and passionate writing styles and their high levels of expertise in their particular fields.

Designing a lifestyle rooted in self-expression, freedom and excellence in all areas of life: from self-actualization, health, wealth and relationships.

With this he envisioned building a resource free to the world with a focus not on 'enhancing' life, but rather 'signposts to help point us back to that elite place already inside of us' - with this he believes SLD can offer something truly valuable and worthwhile to people's lives.

What is Smart Lifestyle Design?

SLD is a free online resource and blog for people striving to become their best self. It serves as a source of inspiration to go to regularly to keep you on track with your goals and consists of articles, toolkits, a book club and forums for sharing ideas with like-minded people.

Some of the themes covered include:

  • Self-Actualization
    • An understanding that excellence, mastery and success in any endeavour is fundamentally a product of working to cultivate the right mindset and not necessarily the amount of hard work you do.
      • By deconstructing how you think and respond to certain stimuli, you can consciously generate the appropriate thoughts and in turn the long-term behaviours and habits conducive to creating success in any area of life.
    • A definiteness of purpose based on your own beliefs and values - rather than being influenced (consciously or unconsciously) into wanting things that others or society tell you that you should want.
    • A mindset where you are free to fully express yourself to the core whilst being fully acceptant that the art you create, in whatever form, may or may not be received or understood - instead you appreciate more that the joy lies in the expression itself.
  • Health
    • A complete diet, exercise, and lifestyle philosophy to help you discover how amazingly simple and fun lifelong wellness can be. One which relies on facts, evidence, and critical thinking; using lifestyle principles that have governed human health, evolution and peak performance for over two million years, and which are supported by respected research in the fields of epigenetics and evolutionary biology. The principles here challenge many elements of conventional wisdom that are deeply flawed, and are making people fat, sick and burnt out - even well-meaning fitness enthusiasts who are trying to do the right thing.
    • The Perfect/ Ideal Dichotomy applied to Fitness and Nutrition
      • Perfect equates to 'final'. It requires that no growth is left, improvement is no longer possible. At any particular moment in time there is only growth or decline - nothing in between. Achieving the perfect body (or perfect anything) is not possible.
      • Ideal equates to the actualization of your highest (genetic) potential at any given time. So long as you are alive, you have the potential to be in alignment with a path that continually leads to the highest vision you have for your body and for yourself. This requires a process of continual growth and never ending improvement.
  • Wealth
    • Financial freedom and freedom of time to allow you to do the things you want to do in your life without any restrictions. Through the application of passive income strategies and the principles of some surprisingly forgotten European economists, this website will guide you every step of the way to:
      • Creating a hands-off business on the side that generates a residual income every month with no management.
      • And for those wishing to take it a step further: joining the fast-growing sub-culture outlined in Timothy Ferris's book, "The 4 Hour Work Week" who have completely abandoned what Tim Ferris calls the 'deferred life plan' (slave, save and retire) to create luxury, mobile lifestyles in the here and now.
  • Relationships
    • An abundance of choice with the opposite sex that allows you to meet and attract more of the right partners into your life. Whether you're actively seeking a relationship or just looking to casually date higher quality partners it's all covered here.
      • You won't find any of the tired old clichés here like "Just be yourself". You'll learn exactly the steps you need to take to always effortlessly expose your best self.
    • Growing an existing relationship far beyond the sexually neutralized roles so typical of today.
      • Eliminating some of the 'conditioning' barriers that tend to take away from the enjoyment and trust in a relationship by influencing our perceptions of the masculine and feminine.
    • An end to the barrage of misleading, Ill informed, and downright damaging dating & relationship advice that is out there for both men and women.

We have come to understand that the most effective strategy for the achievement of one's life goals involves first and foremost an accumulation of life reference experiences through taking action and secondly honest introspection alongside the cultivation of specialised knowledge from good sources.

This site, launched in April 2012, is an ever-evolving work in progress and you're an important part of it. Have an idea? We want to hear from you.

While we obviously can't do the work for you, we can provide you with all the knowledge and guidance by teaming up with some of the best:

  • Life strategists
  • Psychologists
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Nutritionists
  • Business Experts
  • Financial Experts
  • Dating coaches
  • Relationship Experts

Founder and CEO

Hashim is a young student and enthusiastic online entrepreneur based in the UK. He is studying Medicine at the University of Leicester, with a particular interest in the fields of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Hashim also has a deep passion for maximizing his potential in all areas of life. He believes the actualization of your own values is something that, not only could, but should happen, but at the same time is well aware of the fast dissipating pride that is properly attached to the practice of many areas of personal development.

He has committed himself to a lifelong process of personal growth and wishes to humbly invite you to join him on this journey.

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